Yes, the Blog was Hacked Today.

I think we're running again. As you might've noticed, a hacker broke into the site and replaced the main page with a weird graphic and some right-wing hashtags.

I'll be monitoring this closely. Suffice to say, there will be radical security measures taken to prevent this from happening again.

It sucked. But, honestly, based on how they did it, the damage could've been much worse.

  • Lexamich

    Glad to read you got the site back up and running, Mr. Cesca.

    Yeah, these lunatics are coming to the realization that the corporate media isn’t going to stop President Obama’s reelection, so they’re lashing out. I read a few web sites got hit, including that Democratic Underground (my friend tells me it was down for a long time yesterday), and some other small Dem-leaning blogs.

    After the schooling PBO gave The Phony yesterday, I’ve been listening to the swine off and on, and their consensus is as confusing and duplicitous as Willard’s answers about equal pay for women. They really are trying to help this Phony at least appear worthy of the office. Meanwhile, Willard is a shambling wreck of a politician that doesn’t appear to have any drive to actually help this nation. This whole exercise appears to be a sort of personal quest for him, having nothing to do with his wanting to be an actual commander, but…trying to win a bet, or something similar. It’s obvious he thinks he’s inspirational in some way, a ridiculous, completely delusional notion. It’s like The Phony is trying to be Lord of the 1 percenters with this farce of a presidential campaign. Beyond that, nothing. No help for the people that plan on voting for him, even. He simply wants the title of “President Of The United States.” Nothing more, and nothing less.

    America must not let this…Fuck it, sociopath (I’m a doctor, and that is a cliche, but I am being DEADLY SERIOUS) become president.

    The ease at which this man defended a blatant lie about his stance on the auto-bailout sent a chill through me. You must understand that I’ve dealt with people in my line of work that argue over PROVABLE FACTS in the same manner Romney did last time. The lying is absolutely symptomatic of a much larger problem. This is not just rhetoric. He’s probably used to having a two-face (not a clinical term), so this is why it comes so easy for him. Remember the “We marched with Martin Luther King” lie? The “I filed taxes in Massachusetts” lie?

    America must not let the corporate swine on television convince them to see this race as even. The Phony must not be anywhere near that Oval Office, plain and simple.

    Again, do not take this lightly, people. The Phony is seriously a sick man that has no business running for office.

    That is not the “Obama supporter” in me coming out; it is the mental health specialist in me seeing warning signs from a mile away without having done a proper assessment.

    Good lord, the role The Phony’s religion plays in his psychosis…

    My head is spinning from witnessing this sheer and utter nonsense take place before all of our eyes.

  • With 3,355 other sites on that server, any number of them can have an insecure module from an insecure CMS and tunnel their way however they want. With that many domains on that 1 server it’s safe to say that this hack was targeted, maybe as a service. Get yourself on a dedicated virtual with your own IP and possibly a much better CMS and host.

  • mrbrink

    Fucking little bitch ass cowards.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Don’t sugarcoat it mrbrink, …

      • mrbrink

        My kind, do not like their kind.

        If I wasn’t already holding back, I would applaud a Goodfellas-style punk ass beat down in their drive way while their weeping mothers look on and wonder what their sissified animal-fucking cancer she calls a son did to deserve it. But I’m holding back.

        I do not suffer fools and cowards.

        • Brutlyhonest

          Sometimes you scare me as much as I scare me … Sometimes ….

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Thank God I wasn’t around to see that hacked eyesore.

  • Bob, at least one post was hacked, and the wording is completely different. Hey, you now support Romney! http://bobcesca.com/blog-archives/2012/10/getting-bin-laden.html

  • rob black

    You know, depending on which device I use to view this site, I get a lot of “security certificate invalid” messages (since you moved to this new host).
    I hope your host actually has your security enabled….and hope you are doing nightly backup. If they can get enough control to replace your landing page, they can do a lot more damage than they did.

  • Bob, check out the avatar used by ‘hidflect’ [i assume you would have his ip addr.] on this thread: bobcesca.com/blog-archives/2012/10/getting-tough-on-china-2.html

    Said avatar resembles the image used by the hacker(s), and hidflect said a loss would teach Dems a lesson. Although, he also claimed to be a Prog..

    • A lot of people claim to be progressives….

      • really, Bob? 😉

    • gescove

      I remembered that stupid post of his and that avatar. I thought it strange since it was a photo of Charles Manson. Who the hell has an image of Charles Manson for their on-line persona?

      • I thought it was Che Guevara. 🙂

        Anyhoo, the hacker did use the same image. Weirdos.

    • MrDHalen

      Nice catch Nicole!!!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      That whiny crybaby? HA! Couldn’t handle the butthurt he received. Loser.

  • Jaym Esch

    I hope your hosting company is giving you a refund. They’re supposed to provide guaranteed security… >_>

  • MrDHalen

    Glad you got it fixed. The minute I saw the page, I said “$hit, Bob got hacked!!!”

    • Username1016

      Me too — that was my reaction right after “WTF?!”

  • muselet

    Radical security measures, you say?


    • Three words: Naked Body Scanners.

      • muselet

        Lessee, I think I have a pair of lead BVDs around here someplace …


        • JackDaniel07

          LOL @ BVDs

      • BuffaloBuckeye

        Bob, if the Naked Body Scanners are redhead, lithsome and attractive, I’m in.

    • I think a CAPTCHA that always says “Reagan was wrong” would keep most of ’em out.

      Also, +1 internets for the Bloom County. 😉