Yet Another Anti-Gay Crusader Is Exposed

Exposed in more ways than one.

Senator Robert Arango, who was the Vice Chairman of George W.Bush and Dick Cheney's Puerto Rico re-election committee in 2004, has been supposedly identified by the Puerto Rican TV show Dando Candela for placing naked pictures of himself on the popular gay social network application Grindr. [...]

Arango's alleged photos and possible posting on a same sex site may come as a surprise since the senator has been a vocal enemy against gay marriage and rights in San Juan. The site "JoemyGod" reported that he voted to ban gay marriage in 2009 (the bill failed), opposes civil unions, and used a duck to make fun of a campaign opponent in 2004 (labeling someone a duck is a homophobic slur used in Puerto Rico).

If you're gay, and you want to post naked pictures of yourself on a gay social network, fine! Go ahead! But please, for your own sake and others', drop the anti-gay, legislative crusade before you do so.

I'm not sure if this phenomenon of conservative, anti-gay crusaders turning out to be gay says more about them or a society which makes them feel there is no other choice, but I do feel there is no good excuse for using your time in public office to oppress a group of people. Especially a group you belong to.