You Can’t Make This Up

Discussing the "radical homosexual agenda" while scare-mongering the "destruction" of the institution of marriage is not a new thing for the Religious Right, however this is a new thing.

The organizer of California's Proposition 8 campaign, which banned same-sex marriage, claims the thrice-married Newt Gingrich, who asked his second wife for an open marriage while already taking the liberty himself, is the only man who can save the institution of marriage from President Obama and The Gays.

Pastor Jim Garlow, the Proposition 8 campaign organizer and now co-chair of Newt Gingrich’s Faith Leaders Coalition, appeared on The Steve Deace Show Friday, where he argued that Gingrich is the only candidate in a position to stop President Obama and “the radical homosexual agenda” from causing the imminent “destruction of the definition of marriage.” Garlow appeared on the show to defend the twice-divorced Gingrich, whose second wife last week claimed that he wanted an open marriage with his then-mistress and now-third wife Callista, and described Gingrich as the savior of marriage and Western civilization. He said that Obama is “going to destroy America as we know it and eventually bring a halt to Western civilization as we know it” and soon it will be “virtually illegal to say the name Jesus”

I think you have to tie yourself into a very tight knot to entertain the idea that Newt Gingrich is the man to "save" marriages, and from my perspective this says more about the christian right's dislike and distrust of Mitt Romney than anything.

An equally baffling choice of candidate occurred on Saturday night in South Carolina wherein exit polls showed Newt Gingrich taking home more of the conservative vote than Mitt Romney, and by a fairly large margin.

Given the obvious logical contradictions at play here, one can only assume the reason they will not support Mitt Romney is because he is a Mormon. They are just afraid to openly state that.

Will they support Mitt Romney in a general election match-up against President Obama? I don't think so.