You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir

It’s not often that I criticize Congressional Democrats, but this really tweaks my melon.

At the urging of his flock, Harry Reid asked the president to give more credit to Senate Democrats for fixing Obamacare even though they did nothing.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently reproached President Obama in private on the issue, arguing Obama should have given his colleagues more praise.

“I did communicate to him that there have been things done by the White House that improved the healthcare bill and those fixes were suggested originally by my senators and they got no credit for it. I thought that was improper,” Reid said in an interview Wednesday with The Hill.

I may be more inclined to agree with Reid and his colleagues if more than a handful of Democrats stood up for Obamacare immediately after it launched, but instead many of them cut and run and began proposing legislative “fixes” that more or less bowed to Republican talking points.

And now they want some of the credit? I don’t think so.