Glenn Beck Wingnuts

You Have to Be Proud

Glenn Greenwald isn’t the only one who’s very upset that Time Magazine chose Pope Francis as their Person of the Year.

Glenn Beck is also beside himself, and in response he’s chosen Senator Ted Cruz as The Blaze Man of the Year. He also has a special theory for why Time Magazine didn’t chose Ted Cruz.

BECK: The reason why they didn’t pick Ted Cruz is because they don’t want to give him any more power. They don’t want to make him into anything. I mean they’ll put Hitler on — they did put Hitler, and Mussolini the man of the year. Now Hitler they didn’t make him the man of the year in a positive way, but Mussolini they did.

Remember, progressives are fascists. They are for fascism. Congratulations.

Without a hint of gross irony, Beck announces that Ted Cruz is the Blaze Man of the Year, using a photo of Cruz speaking to the Oath Keepers as a backdrop (1:03), because he’s the one who will affect your life “more than anybody else” and protect you from fascism.

That would be this photo. And the Dixie flag also made an appearance at this rally.


It may not be immediately obvious, but Beck is essentially comparing Pope Francis to Hitler and Mussolini. He frames this as some form of liberal media bias, but Beck is a charlatan in sheep’s clothing who would prefer it if his audience views him in higher regard than the pope.