Outreach Poll

You’re Doing Great

Written by SK Ashby

According to a new poll released by Latino Decisions, nearly 90 percent of Latino voters have a negative view of GOP frontrunner and likely presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Latino voters are more enthusiastic than ever to cast a vote against Donald Trump.

According to the poll, Donald Trump also garners the most unfavorable view among Latinos, with 87 percent of Latinos saying they see him as unfavorable.

By comparison, Latinos' unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton is 32 percent and her favorable rating is 61 percent. [...]

A presidential contest between Clinton and Trump would garner a higher share of the Latino voters for Hillary Clinton, 76 percent, than Barack Obama in 2012, which was 71 percent according to Pew.

As a matter of fact, there's no way a Republican can win the White House with just 20 percent or less of the Latino vote. Moreover, even 30 percent of the Latino vote would not be enough according to some studies. Latino Decisions estimates that the Republican nominee would need at least 40 percent or more of the Latino vote to win.

Mitt Romney won just 27 percent of the Latino vote in 2012 and that was a new low point for the GOP. Personally, the idea that Trump could win 20 percent or more of the vote seems far too optimistic (for the GOP) to me.

Consider that we're still in primary season and Thunderdome 2016 has not even taken place yet. Consider that Democratic PACs and trackers have not even begun to unload everything they're sitting on against Trump.

If the election were left to just white men, Trump might win, but the good news for all of us is that white men and white people in general no longer dictate the outcome of presidential elections.

The electoral map continues to expand for Democrats and shrink for Republicans.