You’re Doing Great Republicans!

via The Washington Post

Approval of congressional Republicans is in total free-fall, while approval of President Obama is swiftly rebounding from a low experienced over the summer during the height of the Deficit Hysteria Pandemic.

This further corroborates the premise that President Obama made the right move in robbing the Republicans of the deficit argument sooner rather than later. Because the deficit was the only issue that a majority of Americans polled said they trusted the Republicans more than the President to handle.

It was easy for the Republicans to demagogue on the deficit because for most people the deficit is a very abstract idea that doesn't effect their daily lives, but the Republicans still managed to fumble the football and turn it over to President Obama while they were in the red zone.

Now that they're being forced to deal with issues that do effect average Americans on a daily basis, including a majority of their own constituents, they have no idea what to do.