Republican Party

"You're Making Fun Of Me."

The Republican debate last night underlined everything I don't like about the GOP candidates. Naturally there was the warmongering, fearmongering and stupidmongering. Lots of mongering.

But what really struck me was how the mainstream candidates laughed in Ron Paul's face. I mean, they only stopped short of duct-taping his ass cheeks together.

The disclaimer here is that I'm obviously not a Ron Paul supporter. That said, I really felt for the guy last night. Whenever Paul had something to say, everyone else treated him like a raving street loon. Rudy, Mitt Romney and Senator McCain especially.

At one point, Mitt Romney was laughing at Paul and through the laughter and taunts, Paul, with that wide-eyed, bewildered and befuddled face, said quietly, "You're making fun of me."

This is why the Republican Party is dying. Ron Paul represents what the GOP used to be, say nothing of the fact that his position on blowback is spot on -- and the modern Bush Republican dickheads in charge think he's a comedy sketch.